Operations Management and Supervision


With a good knowledge on production, facilities, completion, and drilling engineering our company uplifts production output and prolong the life of the field operations.

We are involved in planning, estimating, modelling, organizing and controlling resources and schedules, with a view to optimize performance and quality. In addition we have hands-on to teamwork, problem solving, motivation, contracts, negotiations, risk management and handling data and documentation which are essential requirements for successful projects and operations.

Summary of Our specialties includes:

Asset Integrity

  • Identify potential risks of outages in production system
  • Suggest suitable measures to reduce risks of deferment or loss in production

Implement and Supervise Field Operations

  • Generate programs and secure approval based on recommended and required intervention.
  • Ensure required work ethics, and industry standards on HSE  procedures are adhered to.
  • Report to Asset Owners with the Sequence of Operations carried out.
  • Based operations reality, participate and secure approvals on change management.

Surveillance and Monitoring of Production Operations

  • Reliable field data acquisition and management
  • Feeding well intervention results to office personnel’s and vice versa
  • Evaluate executed wells/reservoir management programs and project performance
  • Revision of plans and strategies