Real Time Production Surveillance

We Offer:

  • Synchronized, accurate data acquisition from pressure gauges and flow meter
  • Deploy hardware and software applications to receive, display, and analyze in-coming high frequency data stream
  • Install PDHGs in new wells and retrofit suitable gauges in selected existing producers
  • Mount P/T gauges and flow meters at well head, manifold, pipeline inlet & outlet, GL line, gas compression system, separator, and flow gathering station
  • Include fibre-optic DTS from well head to toe or tracer with sliding sleeve in completion strings
  • Arrange to wireless transmitting gauge and flow meter readings to office
  • Deploy SCADA system for dissemination and display of transmitted data streams

This enables the establishment of comprehensive real-time flow rate, pressure, and temperature data acquisition capability both downhole and surface. Facilitate sound data interpretation & analysis and subsequently take pertinent action to improve production and ultimate recovery in cost-effective manner to reduce lifting costs