Choke Optimisation

  • assess optimal drawdown across sandface to reduce risks of early gas/water breakthrough
  • build calibrated well models to predict optimum choke size as operating conditions and flow rate changes


  • build integrated production system model (IPM) to determine optimum production system capacity
  • carry out diagnostics using IPM to reduce gap between current performance and optimum capacity

Artificial Lift

  • selecting suitable artificial lift system to increase recovery from mature, depleted reservoirs
  • combination of optimal drawdown and choke size to enhance well production potential

Pressure Maintenance

  • determine optimal location injection volume requirements for providing adequate pressure support
  • examine methods to reduce UTC by introducing innovative pressure maintenance strategies

Well Intervention & Workover

  • carry out well diagnostics and devise suitable and cost-effective well intervention program to improve well performance
  • determining remaining reserves to justify well intervention work

Re-perforation, Sidetrack, & Infill Wells

  • identify areas bypassed oil using dynamic model
  • develop cost-efficient methods to drain bypassed oil using re-completing / re-perforating and sidetracking existing wells